Letter to Parents

Dear Parent of Potential Rushee,

I am excited that your son is interested in Theta Chi Fraternity at Indiana University. Founded nationally in 1856 and at IU in 1921, the Alpha Iota chapter of Theta Chi has held a tradition of excellence over the years that we continue to pursue and maintain today. With a chapter average GPA of 3.15, we are ranked among the top ten academic fraternities on campus. With brothers involved in all aspects of campus life, we help build balanced men who continue our motto of lending an assisting hand to those who need it.

It was not long ago that I was in the same position as your son. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, I came to IU with some interest in joining a fraternity but no connections or older friends and siblings to help me navigate the rush process. My parents were just as nervous as me—if not more.

Luckily, I ended up rushing Theta Chi through a friend on my dorm floor, and the rest is history. We pride ourselves on our diverse brotherhood. We have brothers from California to New Jersey, Minnesota to Texas. We have business majors, biology majors and journalism majors. This year, two of our senior brothers serve as members of the IU Student Foundation Steering Committee—a prestigious title that at least one Theta Chi has held for several years. The president of the IU Student Association, Jose Mitjavila, is a Theta Chi. We are musicians, filmmakers, business owners and all-around overachievers, and are looking for young men who value our three guiding principles of truth, temperance and tolerance.

Located on 1440 N. Jordan Ave., our fraternity house has been the centerpiece of the brotherhood since its construction in 1969. With a full-time chef, full-size beds, study room and library, we ensure your son will have everything he needs to achieve his full potential as a student and brother at this great university.

Though we are one of the few fraternities on campus allowed to recruit year-round, we typically follow the Interfraternity Council recruitment schedule of fall and spring rush dates. This semester, official recruitment begins Sunday, February 2nd and ends February 15th. Throughout this rush period, we will hold several events including dinners with brothers, pizza and wings at the house and other activities that allow our new recruits to meet as many Theta Chi brothers as possible and learn what we stand for as a brotherhood. If the recruitment officers and brothers feel a new recruit fits the ideals of our fraternity, he will be extended an official bid.

We ensure he will have time to think about his decision whether or not to accept. We encourage him or his parents to contact our recruitment chairman, Robbie Thomashow, or myself with any questions they might have regarding the brotherhood. The decision to join a fraternity is a big one, and we want our future members to feel they are making an informed and well-supported choice.

Because fraternities sometimes receive a negative stereotype, I would like to make clear that we are strictly a non-hazing fraternity. We are dedicated to giving new members the same respect as current brothers. This was something that helped me make my decision in the rush process, and I hope it helps yours.

Finally and most important, I hope your son is excited to begin this next stage in his life. Whether he chooses Theta Chi or another chapter, Greek Life at Indiana University is an amazing experience. Joining this brotherhood is choosing to become something bigger than yourself, and is the best decision I have made in college.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime through email or cell phone.

Wishing you the best,

Joe Weber

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