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It is the responsibility of the Scholastic Chairman to ensure that all brothers in the house are in good academic standing with the chapter, all new members being initiated will be in good academic standing, and strive to improve the overall academic status of the chapter. The Scholastic Chairman will be trusted with knowing the academics of brothers within the house and in turn should not abuse his knowledge. Under no circumstances should grades of brothers be shared lightly with other brothers. Academics are personal to brothers and knowledge of them must not be abused.

1. Definitions of academic standing
Bylaws clearly stipulate that men of Theta Chi will maintain a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale while enrolled in undergraduate college in order to be a member of the brotherhood.

  • Excellent Academic Standing
    A brother who’s GPA is a 3.0 and above will be considered to be in excellent academic standing with the chapter. Because of their academic excellence they are eligible to run for executive level positions and serve on Standards Board. In no way will academics prevent them from pursuing opportunities within the chapter.
  • Good Academic Standing
    A brother who’s GPA is a 2.7 and above, yet below a 3.0, will be considered to be in good academic standing with the chapter. Because these brothers have not met the requirements stated in the bylaws the responsibilities they are afforded within the chapter will be limited. They will not be eligible to run for executive positions and cannot serve on standards board. When the Scholastic Chairman receives notification a brother is achieving below a 3.0 that brother will be notified of his lowered status within the chapter. At the same time assistance with academics will be offered in the form of study tables or tutoring from fellow brothers.
  • Probationary Status
    A brother who’s GPA falls below a 2.7 will considered to be on probationary status. From this point said brother has 2 semesters to bring his GPA to or above a 2.7. Failure to do so will result in a referral for the Realty Board to pull said brothers lease. While in Probationary Status, the brother will be not be allowed to run for executive positions, serve on standards board, or hold a position of responsibility within the chapter. In addition said brother will be required to attend study tables on a weekly basis and submit grade checks to the Scholastic Chairman at the middle and end of the semester.

2. New Members
All aspects of pledgeship fall under the jurisdiction of the Pledge Marshal and his committee, with the exception of new members academics.

  • Requirements for Initiation
    In order for new members to become initiated they must have a GPA of 2.7 or above. Failure to obtain a 2.7 will result in the new member not being initiated. At this point it is up to the Pledge Marshal whether the New Member will be allowed to reattempt pledgeship the following semester.
  • Study Tables
    During pledgeship new members will be required to attend study tables twice a week on nights that do not conflict with other requirements set by the Pledge Marshal. Study tables serve the purpose of insuring that new members have the required GPA to become initiated as a brother of Theta Chi. If a new member cannot attend the scheduled study tables due to legitimate conflicts arrangements will be made by the Scholastic Chairman to work around the conflicts.
  • Grade Reports
    Due to the timing at which pledgeship concludes, just before the end of semesters, new members will be required to obtain grade reports from all their professors. This will ensure that all new members are in fact in adequate academic standing to be initiated into the brotherhood.
  • Disciplinary Action
    In the instance a new member does not attend study tables or submit an end of the semester grade report the Pledge Marshal will be notified and left to determine any further disciplinary action. In the instance a new members grade report is below a 2.7 he will not be allowed to undergo initiation into the brotherhood; further disciplinary action will be at the discretion of the Pledge Marshal.

3. Conference Room and test bank

  • Etiquette Within the Conference Room and of the Test Bank
    The conference room is a designated area for brothers to study and complete work. This space should be suitable for studying; clean, relatively quiet, void of distractions, and comfortable. While it is not the responsibility of the Scholastic Chairman to clean and maintain the conference room, he should preserve the purpose of the room. Brothers within the conference room should be reminded to be respectful of other brothers should they become distractions to those attempting to study.
  • Maintenance of the Test Bank
    It is the responsibility of the Scholastic Chairman to organize, maintain, and update the test bank. The test bank is a compilation of tests and quizzes past brothers have donated to the house for upcoming brothers to utilize. The Scholastic Chairman should collect donated materials at the end of semesters. Notes from classes should not be collected. Utilizing another brother’s notes is a crutch that in the end will not help upcoming brothers.

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