Meet the Officers

weberJoe Weber – President
Joe is a sophomore from St. Louis, MO, studying journalism and business. As a member of the Ernie Pyle Scholars honors program through the journalism school, Joe is looking to enter the public relations or business communications field after graduation.After being initiated to Alpha Iota in fall of his freshmen year, Joe has been involved as a rush officer, community service chairman, Biggest man on Campus representative, and most recently, president.He is a long-time saxophone player and guitarist, and still occasionally plays gigs around Bloomington with his band with other Alpha Iota alumni, Colonel Angus.
glascowBobby Glasgow – Vice President
Bobby is a sophomore majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the Kelley School of Business. Originally from Oreland Park, IL, he currently plays for the Indiana University Lacrosse Team as an attackman and the head of fundraising, and is a member of the Interfraternity Council Standards Board. In addition to his duties as Vice President, Bobby serves as a recruitment officer and house kitchen improvement committee consultant for the Alpha Iota Chapter.After graduation, Bobby plans to work in advertising or sales in the Greater Chicago Area, with hopes of eventually starting his own business.
tremblayKristopher Tremblay – Vice President of Health and Safety
Kris is a junior currently majoring in Sport-Communication: Broadcast with minors in Business and Telecommunications. Born and raised in Indianapolis, he is an avid fan of soccer, hockey, golf, and, of course, IU.
ducoffeNicholas Ducoffe – Secretary
Nick is a sophomore from South Bend, Indiana, studying telecommunications and business marketing. Nick aspires to immerse himself in the entertainment industry, working in film production and management. His further aspirations include advertising, and education.Since his initiation into the Alpha Iota Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity, Nick has served as a philanthropy chairman, recruitment officer, and social committee member in addition to his current position as executive secretary. Nick further involves himself around campus as an active member of the Indiana University Student Foundation (IUSF) and Business Careers in Entertainment Club (BCEC).Nick has a passion for music, movies and sports and hopes to one day thank his fraternity brothers for their support as he accepts an Academy Award for best director.
rindlerJacob Rindler – Treasurer
Jacob is from Noblesville, Indiana and is currently a Finance and Accounting major in the Kelley School of Business. In addition to his involvement with Theta Chi, he also plays for the IU Men’s Lacrosse team. When his time at IU comes to an end, he hopes to enter into the business world through investment banking.
keynesKevin Kenes – Marshal
Kevin is a sophomore from Chicago studying Marketing and Supply Chain Management. Besides being involved in Theta Chi, he is also a director on the IU union board and a volunteer at the Bloomington Boys and Girls club.
tomshowRobert Thomashow – Recruitment Chairman
Robbie, a sophomore business student, hails from Buffalo Grove, IL. He enjoys sports, especially squash, and reading when he has free time. He is also a retail ambassador for Dick’s Sporting Goods on campus as well as president of the Kelley School of Business Case Competition Club.
hostetlerLewis Hostetler – House Manager
Lewis is from Carmel, Indiana. He is currently in the Kelley School of Business working towards dual degrees in finance and accounting. He became an initiated brother of the Alpha Iota chapter of Theta Chi in the Spring of 2013. After graduating, he hopes to go straight into finance working for a big company.

Duties of Chapter Officers

The president serves as the representative and spokesman for the chapter. He is the chapter’s primary liaison between all third parties, including but not limited to the university, the Interfraternity Council (IFC), Theta Chi International Headquarters (IHQ), Theta Chi Realty Corporation (TCRC), and the Chapter Advisory Board (CAB). He oversees the general operation of the chapter and the performance of his fellow officers. He is also charged with planning and chairing weekly chapter and Executive Board meetings and organizing visits from IHQ Leadership and Education Consultants (LECs) and Regional Counselors.

Vice President
The vice president is in charge of the committee system, committee chairmen, Standards Board, and all internal communications. Furthermore, the vice president assists the president in carrying out his duties and responsibilities and officiates in his absence with the same powers and privileges.

Vice President of Health and Safety: The vice president of health and safety is a position that was added to the executive council infrastructure as part of Theta Chi International’s Sacred Purpose movement. The VP of health and safety is charged with many roles, including promoting a culture of care within the chapter, recognizing and proactively addressing the emotional, physical, and relational needs of chapter members; cultivating working relationships with campus health and safety professionals; attending training events sponsored by Theta Chi Headquarters; and organizing educational programs and coordinating guest speakers that are open to the campus community for the benefit of fostering a culture of care on campus. To learn more about the VP of health and safety and the Sacred Purpose movement, please visit

The secretary is responsible for all correspondence and record keeping in the chapter. He has many different responsibilities, including but not limited to maintaining and transmitting all correspondence of the chapter to IHQ, the campus, the community, and other Greek organizations; custody and responsibility of the chapter’s Minute Book, 15 Ritual Books, Roster Book, and other chapter files; maintaining a written record of all Chapter meetings; and seeing that all forms of information are sent to IHQ on time.

The treasurer is responsible for constructing and following a chapter budget for each school year. He is further responsible for collecting all fees, dues, assessments, and fines from brothers and all New Member registration and initiation fees for the secretary.

The marshal is responsible for the education of New Members of the chapter. Further responsibilities include development of the education program, conduct of the entire educational process until the New Members’ initiation, and assisting the treasurer and secretary in the collection of fees and the filling of forms required for the registration and initiation of New Members. At all times he is to serve as an example for New Members and initiated brothers alike to follow, making certain that no hazing practices are allowed to take place during the educational program or otherwise in accordance with Theta Chi’s zero tolerance policy for hazing. As part of the New Member program, the marshal will make certain that every New Member is assigned a big brother – an initiated undergraduate member to assist him in learning about the Fraternity.

Recruitment Chairman
The recruitment chairman is responsible for planning and overseeing all chapter recruitment events, with assistance from his recruitment committee. Further responsibilities include ensuring that the chapter is represented at all university sponsored recruitment events and providing tours of the chapter house to prospective New Members. He also assists the secretary and treasurer in the collection and filling of forms required for the registration of New Members.

House Manager
The house manager serves as the chapter caretaker. The house manager is primarily responsible for the cleanliness and well-being of the chapter house. He also works with the house director, a TCRC employee, to oversee all chapter operations, including but not limited to house closing/opening at the start/finish of school breaks as well as the functioning of chapter amenities.

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