Frequently Asked Questions for Students

What does a fraternity offer overall?

As an incoming freshman, joining a fraternity and committing to something that lasts a lifetime can be an intimidating idea. The truth, though, is that fraternity life has a lot of benefits and few drawbacks. It most importantly provides an environment that encourages and expects a high level of dedication to classes and academics. Another unique benefit of going Greek is joining a large group of guys that have a lot in common, allowing you to build some of the best friendships you can find in college. Additionally, there are plenty of opportunities for leadership, extracurricular involvement, and community service within a fraternity that allow you to grow as a man and as a future leader while serving your chapter, your campus, and your community. To get a better look at what it’s all about, continue reading these FAQs, and feel free to e-mail our recruitment chair by clicking here, so we can answer your questions.

What are the benefits of going Greek? 

There are many reasons to Greek! You’ll meet new friends, gain access to new opportunities, and forge new relationships, while making a difference on your campus and in your community at the same time. Membership in a fraternity doesn’t end after you graduate—you’re part of a lifelong brotherhood that will always be there for you, and a vast network of personal friends and professional contacts. Greeks are proven to be leaders, scholars, and innovators, and many have gone on to be highly successful.

How much does it cost to join a fraternity?
Every chapter sets different financial obligations, but “the money question” shouldn’t be the one thing that keeps you from going Greek. Fraternity dues help pay for t-shirts, social events, Formal and Semi-Formal, and just about everything else needed to keep a fraternity running smoothly. Theta Chi is one of the most affordable houses at IU and also has various payment plans to help brothers meet financial deadlines.

Isn’t joining a fraternity kind of like paying for your friends? 

Not at all. Think of fraternity dues as a way to organize money for a group of people, similar to paying to join a student club or splitting the cost of an apartment. Like any other organization that asks its members to pay dues, Theta Chi uses its money to plan events and provide other important services for its members. However, UNLIKE student organizations or housemates sharing a living space, Theta Chi is about way more than just paying your dues or rent—it’s being a part of a close-knit community that’s very big and very diverse.

Does Theta Chi haze its new members? 

Absolutely not. The “philosophy” of hazing is just the opposite of what Theta Chi stands for; not only does it reinforce negative stereotypes, but we strongly believe that it is also destructive and harmful to the health of a chapter and its members. We seek to build our brothers up, not tear them down.

What is Rush and what happens during Ruh? 
Rush is a casual term to describe the process of Formal Recruitment, in which every fraternity on campus participates during each semester, Fall and Spring. During Rush you’ll have an opportunity to meet brothers and tell them a little about yourself. This is a chance for you to become better friends with the brothers of the fraternity, so take advantage of it and really get a feel for each chapter at which you rush. Remember that the brothers are truly interested in getting to know who you are and whether you’d be a good fit for their chapter.

Can I join other clubs on campus and still be a member of Theta Chi? 
Of course! In fact, we encourage you to be involved on campus in as many ways as possible. Theta Chi brothers are very active at IU both inside and outside the Greek community, and many of our brothers are members of not only the Interfraternity Council (IFC), but also Student Government and the IU Student Foundation, as well as being leaders and founders of different extracurricular clubs.

What are socials?
Does Theta Chi have any socials? With whom? 
A social is an event held with a sorority, often at a venue off campus. Socials are a great way to meet new people, especially women in IU’s many sororities. Theta Chi usually holds several socials each semester, and we’ve traveled to a variety of venues both around Bloomington and outside Indiana.

What sort of time commitment is involved—will I be able to balance school and work with the fraternity?
Will my GPA get worse?
Our motto is “Alma Mater first, Theta Chi for Alma Mater.” Ultimately, we’re all students at IU first and foremost, and academics are our top priority. But, being part of a fraternity also means having fun and enjoying your college years to their fullest. To get the best of both worlds, we encourage our members to develop strong time management skills, and also provide a network of other college students that can offer guidance with classes, professors, and the challenging academic experience of college in general. Theta Chi retains high academic standards and ensures that if a brother’s grades fall below a GPA of 2.7, that student is put on an academic probation with the house and is required to complete a set number of study table hours until the student’s grades come back up to an acceptable GPA. Many of our brothers are on the Dean’s List and are President’s and Founder’s Scholars, and our overall GPA is consistently near the top of the fraternity list. So in short, it actually is possible to strike a balance between the proverbial college triangle of good grades, enough sleep, and a social life—but only if you’re willing to set priorities and manage your time effectively.

What kind of people will I be associating with? 

Theta Chi is known at IU for having some of the best and nicest guys in the Greek system, one of the cleanest chapter houses, some of the most outstanding student leaders, a great record of community service, and a strong cycling team for the Little 500 bike race. We’re a chapter on the rise at IU, and we hope that your son can be a part of our proud legacy as we work to extend a helping hand to all who seek it and build something greater than ourselves.

Recruitment Chair Info
If you’ve got a question about rushing Theta Chi Alpha Iota, feel free to contact our Recruitment Chairman. He will help you out with questions and Rush schedules.

Robbie Thomashow
Hometown: Buffalo Grove, IL
Major: Business

If you would like to get in touch with Robbie about rushing either Fall or Spring rush, please e-mail. We want to hear from you if you are a senior in high school, incoming freshman, or interested sophomore.

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