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BA in Theatre & Drama

Charles Railsback Kim Hinton
Undergraduate Advisor
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The B.A. curriculum in Theatre and Drama is based on the belief that theatrical production and classroom study are of equal and complementary value. Courses in acting, directing, dramatic literature, theatre history, playwriting, design, and theatre technology are all vital and interrelated aspects of the Theatre and Drama program, and that they give students the skills to analyze, produce and perform theatre. Dramatic literature and theatre history courses provide perspective and theory which enlarge a student’s understanding of drama. Production and performance courses offer students the hands-on experience in making theatre.

The Department recognizes that theatre is a collaborative art form that brings together a wide range of knowledge, talents and skills. As a dynamic art, theatre draws its strength from both rich tradition and stimulating innovation. Our mission within the B.A. degree is to create a strong liberal arts base while expanding students’ knowledge of theatre through a broad spectrum of outstanding undergraduate courses and practical opportunities.

Overview: Training Tomorrow’s Theatre Artists

A Little Night Music

Training in the Department of Theatre and Drama at Indiana University prepares graduates for professional careers in a world increasingly dependent upon the arts and humanities for its information, entertainment, and cultural enlightenment.

Approximately 200 students participate each year in the undergraduate program in Theatre and Drama on the Bloomington campus of Indiana University. Whether acting in front of audiences in one of the three I.U. theatres, working on a student directed project, building or designing scenery, producing costumes for Greek tragedies or American musicals, or studying the plays of Shakespeare, undergraduate students at I.U. are guided in both the study and practice of theatre by a distinguished faculty of eighteen professors, a professional staff of eleven, and nationally known guest artists.

The study of theatre as a humanistic discipline and the practice of theatre as a performing art ensure that I.U. graduates are prepared for work in the theatre. Our graduates are employed in colleges, universities and high schools throughout the United States, and Indiana is well represented among the ranks of professionals in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles as well as in regional theatres throughout the country.

Located in the Lee Norvelle Theatre and Drama Center, the Department presents at least eight on campus productions a year in the Ruth N. Halls Theatre (seating 453) and the flexible Wells/Metz (seating 246). These theatres provide students with the opportunity to work in state of the art performance spaces. Students are also able to perform independent projects in a variety of additional spaces in the Theatre and Drama Center.



Incoming freshmen admitted to Indiana University can enter the University Division or possibly designate Theatre and Drama as their major through the Direct Admit program.

For additional information regarding admission requirements contact the Office of Admissions, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405, (812) 855-0661,

Theatre and Drama majors are provided with a departmental adviser to help with course selection, scheduling and monitoring of academic progress.