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BFA Retention Policy

At the end of each fall semester, the musical theatre faculty attends final projects in the musical theatre workshops. The faculty then meets to discuss students and address any problems. At the end of each school year, the musical theatre faculty meets with each student to discuss strengths, weaknesses, concerns, and over all development in major courses as well as satisfactory achievement in general education courses. Although academic and performance review is an ongoing process, professors and students meet at the end of each academic year to discuss and evaluate their college record. Indiana University is not a cut program and the MT faculty do not admit more students than they intend to graduate.

In the fall of the senior year, students audition for the T401 Senior Showcase. This course is a requirement to complete the B.F.A. in Musical Theatre. A student must demonstrate potential success in a professional career to be admitted into the course. In an extreme ( and unlikely) case that a student is not accepted into the showcase, they may finish their degree with a B.A. in Theatre and Drama.

Students must maintain a C average in all major courses and maintain satisfactory standing with the College of Arts and Sciences. Dropping below these standards will result in appropriate academic disciplinary action. In addition, all B.F.A. students must commit to the program by being model students and citizens in performances, rehearsals, and classes. Disruptive behaviors, tardiness, missing sessions without an excused absence are deemed highly inappropriate. Students will be given two formal warnings by the Musical Theatre Committee and place these warnings in the studentís file. Upon a third warning the Musical Theatre Committee will meet to discuss expulsion from the program.