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Indiana University Bloomington
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MFA in Design & Technology

We are recruiting designers and technologists for the 2018-19 school year.

Linda Pisano Linda Pisano
Head of Design & Technology
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OUR MISSION: To advance the art and practice of theatre design and technology in a nurturing and transforming atmosphere: engaging the forefront of innovation and research.

To respect and encourage the unique talents and potential of each individual is at the core of the rigorous three-year training programs which prepare a student for a career in theatre and related professions.

To integrate classroom theory with studio practice, providing design, production and leadership experiences that emulate the scale, complexity and aesthetic integrity of professional regional theatres. Central to student training are the principals of analysis, research, adaptation, invention, organization and communication which are fundamental to success in this evolving field.

To promote an enduring and well rounded knowledge of the theatre arts, research methods and effective collaboration skills, while specializing under the guidance of a mentor who is a master of their profession.

Additional information about Design & Technology can be view in our program brochure.

Photo from IU Theatre 2017 production of The Tempest. Projection Design by Reuben Lucas. Directed by Henry Woronicz.