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Indiana University Bloomington
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MFA Scenic Design Courses

Scene Design I

Scene Design II

Advanced Scene Design

History of Decor

Scene Painting I

Scene Painting II

Research and Collaboration for the Theatre
(Taught by Design and Technology Faculty)

Independent Studies Research work

Theatre Technology and Related Courses:

  • Stagecraft I (not for graduate credit)
  • Technical Drawing
  • Electronics for Theatre Technologists
  • TD I (Shop Management, Materials, and Equipment)
  • TD III (Mechanized Scenery)
  • Structural Mechanics
  • Rigging I
  • Rigging II
  • CADD for Theatre
  • Sound Design
  • Independent Studies

Costume Design and Related Courses:

  • Stage Make-Up (not for graduate credit)
  • Stage Costuming I (not for graduate credit)
  • Independent Study Opportunities for Undergraduates
  • Stage Costuming II
  • Costume Design I
  • Historic Costumes for the Stage
  • Costume and Character in London Theatre
  • Advanced Costume Design Aesthetics
  • Studies in Stage Costuming
  • Third Year Portfolio Preparation
  • Independent Studies

Lighting Design and Related Courses:

  • Stage Lighting (not for graduate credit)
  • Stage Lighting (not for graduate credit)
  • Lighting Design
  • Lighting Design Aesthetics
  • Dramatic Lighting for Environments (taught in tandem with Consulting)
  • Lighting Consulting for Theatre Spaces (taught in tandem with Lighting for the Environments)
  • Rendering Light
  • Advanced Lighting Design
  • Lighting Design Workshop (proposed course)
  • Independent Study