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Bulletin Board Policy - Student Handbook

Lee Norvelle Theatre and Drama Center (LNTDC)
General Policy

All notices must be posted in an appropriate location per the instructions that follow. Under no circumstances may any notices be attached to any wooden, painted, or glass surfaces on the walls or doors of the Lee Norvelle Theatre and Drama Center. Letís keep our beautiful home looking great. For specific signage advice and resources, please consult the Director of Marketing and Communications Amy Osajima, or Production Manager Thom Quintas.

Main Bulletin Board (100 level, outside the scenic studio)

CHECK THE MAIN BULLETIN BOARD EVERY DAY WHEN YOU ENTER THE BUILDING AND WHEN YOU LEAVE FOR THE MOST CURRENT INFORMATION. This is the place where important information about auditions, volunteer opportunities, ushering, concession sign-up, tech assignments, academic announcements, and University Players information appears. Please follow the labels laid out on the board for postings. This board will be monitored closely for effectiveness of departmental communication and adherence to the policies set forth on these pages. It is very important that specific categories are closely followed.

Foyer Bulletin Board

The bulletin board adjacent to the DeVault foyer off the courtyard of the Lee Norvelle Theatre and Drama Center is intended for announcements from students, student organizations, and community organizations. This board is shared with the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center. While this board will be unregulated, we will review it weekly for expired postings and general cleanup.

Doors and Windows

Posting notices of any kind on doors (with or without glass) and windows is prohibited. If any announcements are discovered on glass doors and windows they will be removed. EXCEPTION: The only permitted exception to this policy is the posting of pertinent academic information from an approved department source. These notices may be placed on the glass doors of the old building and the courtyard doors of the Lee Norvelle Center, but not on the doors to the lobby entrances.

A300 Office Suite

We have a bulletin board immediately inside the door to the office suite. This board is reserved for departmental activities and information. You will find other information pinned to the walls of the cubicles and to the small pin boards outside each office door. Check these areas for announcements pertaining to specific programs in the department.