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Computing & Duplicating - Graduate Student Handbook

Computing Services

Theatre and Drama Center , A300

Computers are available in A300JJ for general use.

University Computing Services

Students who do not have UCS computer accounts can get their network IDs by taking a photo ID (IU student ID, driver's license, or passport) to the UCS registration center in the IMU. (Signs directing you to the center are posted throughout the IMU.) Be sure to have your 9-digit IU ID number. The Support Center is open 8:00 A.M.5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.


Commercial Copying Services

Students should purchase handouts of material from books, plays and periodicals of more than ten pages. You are encouraged to use the University Course Packet. Please call Cathy Parker at 855-9337, or email her at You may also contact John Beatty at Tichenor Publishing and Printing by email at or by phone at (812) 360-3005. We encourage the use of course packets. Either company will pick up your packet information and will explain the process to you. The instructor must call the appropriate copying business to make arrangements for copying. Packets will be made available for students to purchase at the campus bookstores.

Maxi Duplicating Service

Faculty members and associate instructors (AIs) are asked to complete a Maxi duplication form for all classroom copies. Online forms can be submitted here. Online submission is preferred, but paper forms can also be submitted. These forms are in the top bin on the counter in the Norvelle Theatre and Drama Center room A300. More than 20 copies total or articles that can be legally reproduced should be sent to Maxi. The copyright laws are posted above the copy machine. One must allow 48 hours (or more during peak times) for Maxi service. For long articles and articles with graphs and charts, however, this is the most economical and time-saving manner of reproduction.

Departmental Copy Machine

The Departmental copy machine should be used ONLY if the less expensive methods of course packets and maxi duplication are not available or practical. This machine is for short runs of 20 copies or fewer; larger runs should be sent to Maxi. Photocopying more than 20 copies is strongly discouraged. Located across from A300S in the Norvelle Theatre and Drama Center, the copier is operated by codes assigned by the Executive Secretary in A300U. Each Associate Instructor code will permit a maximum of 400 copies each semester. Photocopying totals will be monitored throughout the year. An adequate supply of paper will be left in the copier; additional paper may be obtained from the Executive Secretary in A300U during office hours 8:00-5:00 p.m.

The copy machine is for departmental use; please do not give your copy code to students as these copies are costly for the Department, depriving us of funds needed for important supplies and equipment. Faculty, staff, and graduate students who must make personal copies should count the copies and pay the A300 assistant or Departmental Secretary .10 per page. We appreciate your observation of the honor system regarding personal copying.

Thank you for practicing good stewardship in duplicating class, production, and other departmental materials.

Student Personal Copying

A copy machine is available to all students in the Neal Marshall Black Culture Center Library, Room A113 on the first floor. This copy machine accepts student I.D. cards and change.

Departmental Printer

The departmental copier is also the department printer. Your copy code also allows you to print from the printer. Please see the Executive Secretary for information on how to set up your computer to print to this printer.