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Script Library Locations & Policies - Student Handbook

Audition Scripts Policy

    Audition Scripts Policy

    1. Audition scripts may be checked out from Cindi Severance in A252 for one hour.
    2. Students must leave their university ID with Cindi when checking out a script; their ID will be returned once they turn in their script.
    3. Late and absent scripts will be reported, with the names of those responsible, to the production’s director. Students who do not return their scripts in a timely fashion may not be allowed to audition.

    Production Scripts Policy

    1. Scripts for production participants (e.g., cast, directors, stage managers, and designers) may be picked up from Cindi Severance in A252. Individuals must sign for their scripts.
    2. For scripts/librettos/scores that must be returned to the publishers, recipients are informed that if they do not bring in their materials in good condition, they will be charged $100 (for students, the amount is billed to their Bursar Account).

Other Scripts and Reserved Materials

Location: Neal Marshall Black Culture Center A113 (library on first floor) or A300.

Our departmental library in A300 contains donated scripts and theatre texts, available for use by students within the library space. These materials may not be taken outside of A300.

Additionally, scripts logged into the IU Library’s IUCAT, are available to be checked out through the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center Library (located on the first floor of the Neal-Marshall Center).

Rehearsal Room Reservation Policy

The following rooms may be reserved for individual rehearsal: A052, A057, A060, A200, and A207. Weekly sign-up sheets are posted by the classroom doors; students are asked to write their phone number beside their name in case they need to be contacted. Additionally, there are five practice rooms containing pianos, available on a first-come, first-served basis. Classes, as well as rehearsals for departmental productions and special departmental/ directing projects, preempt all other reservations.

 Students are asked to leave rehearsal spaces in an orderly condition; if a room is found in a chaotic state, please report the problem to the Production Manager. Do not remove furniture, technology, pianos, etc., from the rooms for any reason.

Please contact the Production Manager, Thomas Quintas (, with any questions.