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Travel Grants - Graduate Student Handbook


The Graduate School has a limited amount of funds available to assist with travel expenses for graduate students who are invited to present papers or programs at major national or international meetings. Because of the high demand on this program, the maximum award is likely to be no more than $250. Students must be recommended by their departments for this award.

If you have received an invitation to present a paper at a major national or international meeting, obtain an application form from the Academic secretary as early as possible so that the Director of Graduate Studies may consider a recommendation on your behalf. Deadlines for the Department’s submission of requests to the Graduate School have not yet been set. Please see the Academic Secretary or the director of Graduate Studies for more information on deadlines.

*To provide time for the Department to process it’s requests, students should submit applications to the Department as early as possible and NO LATER THAN ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE OF GRADUATE SCHOOL DEADLINES. Because COLL/RUGS are extremely limited, the student should also apply for a Theatre Circle professional travel grant. If COLL/RUGS funds are granted for the full cost of travel, the Theatre Circle application will be voided.

Theatre Circle

Theatre Circle provides several grants annually to defray the cost for graduate students who have been formally invited to present papers or programs at professional conferences. The procedure and policies related to the awarding of these scholarships are as follows:

Graduate students who have been formally invited to appear on the program at a regional or national conference should first apply to the College of Arts and Sciences (COLL) and Research and the University Graduate School (RUGS) for travel funds as described above.

Apply for a Theatre Circle grant be submitting to the Arts Administrator (A300U) a copy of the letter inviting your participation and a letter detailing costs and requesting a Theatre Circle Professional Program Participation Grant.

If the Director of Graduate Studies approves the request, the grant will be awarded in the form of a non-taxable reimbursement of travel expenses up to the amount established by the Theatre Circle in September. Upon returning from the conference, the student should submit to the Accounts Supervisor receipts for lodging, registration, airline and/or mileage, etc., up to the amount of the Theatre Circle grant, for reimbursement. Submit receipts with a copy of the Theatre Circle Grant approval.

In order to support as many students as possible, Theatre circle funds will be available for only one conference per academic year per student. If funds remain at the end of the academic year, previous grant recipients may apply for a second grant. As funds are limited, apply as early as possible.