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Indiana University Bloomington
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Theatre Circle Members

Theatre Circle
IU Department of Theatre, Drama, and Dance
Lee Norvelle Theatre and Drama Center
275 N. Jordan Ave. A300U
Bloomington, IN 47405-1101


Benita Brown and Brian Donnelly
Jean and Doris Creek
Frank and Becky Hrisomalos
The Lawrence W. Inlow Foundation
Carl F. Kiehler
Sara and Bob LeBien
Marion Bankert Michael and
     R. Keith Michael                                                                          
Dr. Howard Polley
Reva and Jack Shiner
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Sparks
Margaret and William Yarber


Carolyn A. Bailey
James and Anne Bright
Jocelyn Bowie and David Semmel
Jean and Don Cook
Connie and Harv Hegarty
Frank and Becky Hrisomalos
Jeanette Marchant
Joan Olcott
Winston and Sue Shindell


Teresa and John D. Ayres, M.D.
William and Irene Bushaw
Fred and Beth Cate
Joyce and James Grandorf
Mark McAlister and Big Red Liquors
Diana Lehner
Sandra and Joseph Morrow
Katherine and Travis Paulin
Murray and Sue Robinson
Jeffrey and Michelle Stuckey


Ruth Albright
Rodger and Diana Alexander
John and Kathleen Bethell
Caryl M. and L. Thomas Bowers
Kathryn and Barry Brown
Dr. David and Judith Chadwick
Vivian L. Counts
Jan and Greg Ellis
Mark and Amelia Evans
Charles R. Forker
Howard Jensen
Benjamin Livingston
Jonathan and Miah Michaelsen
Cynthia Dewees Nelson and
     Dale C. Nelson
Paul and Linda Pisano
Robert L. Ralston
Erdine M. Simic
Lee Sheldon
Alan and Kathryn Somers
Bradley Wheeler
Doris Wittenburg and Harlan Lewis

Mary and Chris Albright
Theresa and David Baer
Honey and Bill Baldwin
Donald and Debbie Breiter
Cathleen and John Cameron
Roland and Susan Coté
James V. and Jacqueline C. Faris
George and Jody Fielding
Rita Grunwald
Victor Harnack
J. Richard Hasler
Jean and Robert Heidt
Kathleen and Carter Henrich
David and Susan Jones
Susan Klein and Robert Agranoff
Cheryl and James Koryta
Ronald R. and Carolyn O. Kovener
Bill and Kate Kroll
James and Jeanne Madison
Richard and Terry McCall
Dale and Sherry McFadden
Gerry and John Miller
Stephen and Sandra Moberly
Harold and Denise Ogren
Patrick O’Meara
Robert and Donna Ormiston
Mary Wennerstrom Phillips and
     Leonard M. Phillips
John and Mary Frances Popp
Elizabeth and Rudolf Raff
Stanley Ritchie
Idalene Kesner and Paul Robins
David and Virginia Rogers
Richard and Virginia Rose
Edward P. and Janet M. Ryan
Judith Schroeder and Edward Mongoven
Phyllis C. Schwitzer
Sue Sgambelluri
Bob and Judy Shettleroe
Dennis and Carolyn Smith
Janet C. Stavropoulos and
     Michael Molenda
Jeffrey and Michelle Stuckey
Paula Sunderman
Kathy Fletcher and Ronald Wainscott
William and Patricia Wheeler
Jerome and Marcy Wiener

Marian Armstrong
Frederick and Sereta Andrews
David and Joan Austin
Andrew Bacher
David S. and son Lt. David J. Banas
Cheryl Baumgart and William Sloan
Sarah Baumgart and William Lozowski
Robert and Patricia Bayer
Paul and Gail Becker
Eva and Ernest Bernhardt-Kabish
Juanita and Herbert Brantley
Mary Lou and Larry Brown
Armand Burgun
Derek and Lyn Burleson
Jerry and Sarah Burton
Louray Cain
Gerald and Elizabeth Calkins
Joan Caulton
Ruth H. Chesmore
Nelda Christ
Michael and Cindy Cohen
Wayne O. Craig
Jef and Pam Davidson and Family
John and Beckie DeLong
Rosemary and Dick Dever
Barbara M. Dixon
Lee H. Ehman and Barbara L. Wilcox
Robert and Richie Epps
Steven and Karen Franks
Robert and Marlene Fulcher
William and Jacqueline Gilkey
Michael and Patricia Gleeson
Rosemond and Thomas Graham
Donald and Judith Granbois
Michael and Deborah Haller
Russell and Connie Hanson
John Bower Hartley
Walter and Nancy Hasenmueller
Bill and Miki Hausmann
Steven Hendricks
David and Mildred Hennessy
Richard and Lois Holl
Marlin Howard
Peter P. Jacobi
Martin D. Joachim, Jr.
Margaret S. and Donald A. Jones
Ted Jones
Patricia C. Kellar
Drs. Emanuel and Judith Klein
Rosey Krakovitz
Joan Lauer and Albert Rudman
James and Evelyn LaFollette
John and Victoria Lee
John and Brenda Lott
Kermit and Lisa Lovelace
P.A. Mack, Jr.
Judith Mahy and Richard Shiffrin
Carol and Mayer Maloney
Audrey and Gerald Marker
Nancy Martin
Susan and Tom McGlasson
Jerry and Jane McIntosh
Maribeth and Richard McKaig
James McLay
Nancy and Perry Metz
Michael and Virginia Metzger
Marcia Miller
Pat and Jack Mulholland
Susan and Charles Nelson
Vera O’Lessker
Dennis Organ
Jeanne and Norman Overly
Jane and Rob Parry, Jr.
Wes Peters
Daniel and Tina Peterson
Harriet Pfister
Carol Pierce
Anthony and Patricia Pizzo
Ms. Frankie Plager
Rudy and Dorothy Pozzatti
Chad Rabinovitz
Dennis and Mary Carol Reardon
Lislott and John Richardson
Wayne Roberts
Joan Lauer and Albert Rudman
Dr. and Mrs. Albert W. Ruesnik
Julie Saris
Donald and Melinda Seader
Lorna and John Seward
Susan Parrish and Thomas P. Shafer
Rob and Marie Shakespeare
Fred and Pat Smith
Lynne Perkins Socey and Matthew Socey
Diane Spofford
M. Susan Steele
Robert and Virginia Stockton
Bruce and Shannon Storm
Edward and Jeanne Strother
Boyd and Sally Sturdevant
Sally S. Sturgeon, D.D.S.
Fontaine Syer
Barry and Paula Thomas
Charles E. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Waggoner
Judy Walcoff
Carolyn Lipson-Walker and
   George L. Walker
Mary and Joseph Walker
Samuel Troxal and Donovan Walling
Jim Weigand
Fran and Gene Weinberg
Jack R. Wentworth
Judith Wertheim
Charlotte and Paul Zietlow

Linda and Koji Abe
James Ackerman
Colleen and Keith Alexander
Robert Arnove
Peggy Bachman
Mary Bent
Mildred L. Bern
Ann and Richard Burke
Mitchell Byler
Joan Capella-Weinard
Linda Cohen
Dennis and Dina Cotter
Mary Cox and James Koch
Joan Benavole Curts
Julia DeHon
Andrew Durkin
Lorraine and Clarence Hawking
Roger and Sharon Herzel
Tim Hines
John Hobson
John and Helen Hollingsworth
Bruce Jaffee
Doris and Keith Johnson
S. Jane King
Dr. and Mrs. David Kramer
Terry LaBolt
Nita Levison
Gwendolyn Elaine McCay and
     Roger McCay
Linda Hunt and Timothy Morrison
Marilyn Norris
J. K. Person and J. E. Doskow
Joyce Poor
Psi Iota Xi Sorority
     -Bloomington Thrift Shop
Charles Railsback
Nancy Rayfield
Julie A. Schmid
Betty and Gerald Smith
Byron and Pat Smith
Catherine A. Smith
Patricia and Peter Smith
Dr. N. J. Stanley
Gary and Anne Steigerwald
Judy and Stefan Surzycki
Robert and Sandra Taylor
Thomas and Trish Tiggleman
Alice Tischler
Hillard Trubitt
Joseph and Carolyn Waldman
Betsy and J. Michael Walsh
Donna and Richard Wolf
Lisa Zerkle

Ralph Rhodes

John Kinzer
Marilyn Norris

Lee Cromwell
Evelyn Gaynor
Nick Pecoraro
Chloe Williamson

Charles and Adele Gallus
Harold Watling Jordan
Lambert and Elizabeth Kiehler

David Albright
Eleanor Auer
J. Jeffery Auer
Ledford and Julia Carter
Dorothy (Dottie) Collins
Donna Creek
Martha Harnack
Herman B Wells
Albert Wertheim


Bank America Foundation
Citizens Federal Savings
Comco Productions, Inc.
Cummins Engine Foundation
Dana Corporation Foundation
General Dynamics
General Motors
Indiana Bell Telephone
Lilly Endowment, Inc.
United Technologies Corporation