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Indiana University Bloomington
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Design Studio

Located on the second level, this room is particularly familiar to all M.F.A. students in the Design and Technology specialties. Model making, rendering, drafting, and computer aided design are supported at each of the workstations in the design studio. Digitized presentations can be broadcast to each students LCD panel as well as through the data projection system. Two large format scanners and a high quality plotter provide high quality input and output. This studio occupies over 1000 square feet and includes an 80 square foot storage closet with a sink to accommodate teaching and production uses.

Programs includ

  • Adobe CS5 Design Premium
  • Microsoft Office Professional Suite
  • AutoCad (2010)
  • Sketchup
  • VectorWorks
  • LightWright
  • RADIANCE Lighting Simulation System

Specifications and equipment:

  • 1 Instructor computer workstation
  • 15 Student computer graphics workstations
  • 15 E size drawing/drafting worktables
  • 2 Large FormatScanners
  • 1 48 color laser plotter
  • 1 tabloid size document printer
  • 1 Data projector with motorized screen