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Indiana University Bloomington
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Dressing Rooms

Located on the first level behind the Ruth N Halls Theatre, these five dressing rooms and maintenance room provide ample space for very large casts and smaller rooms for more a more intimate cast size. Individual dressing stations for over 30 performers include lockable storage for makeup kits and other personal items to store between performances. Each room includes large walled mirrors with excellent lighting, personal stations with actor storage, wig and hat shelves above each station, space for portable costume racks, large sink and padded chairs and a monitor system for both the Wells-Metz and Ruth N. Halls theatres. Away from the main traffic areas, these rooms can be closed off for privacy, sound and individually locked. Male and female restrooms also include large shower facilities and water fountains.

Wardrobe Maintenance

This area houses a large costume maintenance room which includes utility sinks, industrial dryers and washers, industrial irons, steamers, maintenance needs and ample space for repairs or air-dry items.