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Lighting Studio

Funded and named for the late Professor Gary Gaiser by his students, through the initiative of alumna Joan Sullivan (LD, Washington National Opera), the Lighting Studio provides a well equipped dedicated teaching and research environment. Contributions were also received from the USITT Fellows, ROSCO, APOLLO, and Selecon. Located on the lower level, its 788 square feet can be arranged into a lecture and demonstration environment accommodating up to 30 students and a student lab for exploring angle, color, distribution, intensity and orchestration. For advanced students, the studio provides a full WYSIWYG/HOG moving light programming system, a highly accurate goiniophotometer for measuring the photometric distribution of instruments, two full suites of lighting software on graphics workstations, a data projection system, and sophisticated demonstration resources such as the IALD/Holophane Reflector/Refractor unit and GE Fluorescent Color Comparator.The studio also includes 3 MAC and 3 PC graphics workstations and a multiprocessor MAC Pro equipped with the Design Studio listed software. Additional resources include the  FinalCutPro suite and ISADORA.

Specifications and equipment:

200 amp Company Switch, ETC Sensor Pack 24 x 2.4 kw, Express 24/48. Half the room is configured as a small studio theatre with grid and the other half is becoming an architectural lighting demonstration environment. The array of lighting instruments and accessories, available in the lab, are listed in the lighting inventory.