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Indiana University Bloomington
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Technology Studio

Located on the Basement level, this 481 square foot space has eight work benches that can handle intimate classes of up to 14 students. This studio serves as an academic space for the technology-centric courses taught in the Department: Electronics for Theatre, Structural Mechanics, Mechanized Scenery, Theatre Shop Management, Sound Design, and other small graduate classes that need the resources located there. There are computers for each work bench and a large electronics work space at the back of the studio.

Programs on Networked Computers:

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • PLC Direct Soft 32
  • SFX, Sound Forge, Acid, Cool Edit, Vegas Video

Specifications and equipment:

  • 200 amp three phase Company switch
  • Two monitors with separate cameras
  • Hydraulic Demonstrator, linear actuators, pneumatic pistons, pneumatic motors, wide array of sensors, Frequency drives
  • Four PLCs (Automation Direct- D0-05, D0-06, D0-06 enhanced, D205)
  • Sound system:
    • Computer and mixer version
    • 3 Minidisk players, 2 CD players, amplifiers and speakers for a 5.1 sound array,
  • Instructor computer, oscilloscopes, power supplies, wave generators, meters, electronic demonstrators
  • 12 Electronic Lab kits
  • DMX demonstrator1 Instructor computer workstation