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Gustave Weltsek

David Grindle

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Drama and Theatre Education Licensing Supervisor

Ph.D., Dramaturgy - Bowling Green State University
M.A.T., Theatre Education - Jacksonville University
B.A., Theatre - Tempe University

Gustave is an Adjunct Assistant Professor running the drama and theatre education licensing program.  He is a drama and theatre with by and for youth educator, artist and scholar. Gustave is the founder of the First Coast Children’s Theatre, where he wrote and directed over 50 plays by for and with youth. He is one of a 12 person committee currently writing the new National Drama and Theatre Standards. Gustave is the 2013 recipient of the American Alliance for Theatre and Education’s research award. At the base his work is the notion that “learning” stems from an individual’s critical engagement with notions of an emergent self. Within this space issues of power, justice and equity are those ideas which motivate exploration and growth.  Currently his research includes a longitudinal drama infusion project with Ivy Tech Community College in Bloomington, Indiana and drama as multi-modal literacy within second language acquisition with the University of Puerto Rico.

Gustave is the recent past editor of the Youth Theatre Journal, Gustave’s publications include; Weltsek, G., Ociepka , A. (2011). “Reading the Maps of Meaning Within Drama: Visible Discourse(s), Multimodal Semiotics, and Analogous Reflection in Applied Theatre Inquiry”, Youth Theatre Journal, 25(2), 120-133. Weltsek, G., et al. (2011). “When Achievement Data Meet Drama and Arts Integration”. Language Arts, 88(5), 365-372. Critical Performative Spaces:  Identity, stance and discourse in process drama as critical literary interpretation. In M. V. Blackburn and C. Clark (Eds.).  New Directions in literacy research for teaching, learning and political action (pp. 255-275)New York, N.Y.:Peter Lang Publishers (2007) His presentations at professional conferences include; Weltsek and Hamoor (2012) "Queering the Curriculum: Interrogating the K-12 Curriculum with Theatre & Drama as an Exploration of Identity Construction and Performance" AATE, Lexington KY.  Speaking the Silenced Story: Emergent Identity Formation Through Storytelling. American Alliance for Theatre and Education (AATE) Chicago, IL. Weltsek, G. et. al. (2012). "Spiritual Reflection through Drama and War-Themed Plays: Strategies For Discussion & Engagement" AATE Lexington, KY. Weltsek, G. et al. (2011). Global Media, Multinational Markets and Critical Literacy Pedagogies: Expanding Engagement in New Political Terrains. Literacy Research Association (LRA) Jacksonville, FL. Weltsek, G. (2011).

Gustave has taught such courses as Advanced Drama/Theatre and Education (Graduate) Adolescent Literature (Grad/undergrad), Writing Methods (Grad/undergrad) Language and Literature Across the Curriculum, Foundations of Education,  Drama as Critical Literacy K-12 On-Line (Graduate),Drama/Theatre in Education for Elementary Educators, Drama/Theatre in Education for Secondary Educators.

Doctor of Philosophy in Dramaturgy with an emphasis in critical multiculturalism, performance theory and Drama and Theatre in Education Bowling Green State University, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Theatre
Dissertation: “Product Versus Product: What is Being Taught in Florida Schools?”

Master of Arts in Teaching with an emphasis in Drama and Theatre in Education Jacksonville University, School of Education
Thesis: “Employing Arts Educators to Teach Arts”

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre
Temple University, School of Communications and Theatre, Department of Theatre