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Kim Hinton

Kim Hinton

Undergraduate Advisor

B.A. in Russian and International Politics, Penn State University
M.A. in Russian Literature, Indiana University
Ph.D. in Theatre History, Theory, & Literature, Indiana University (In Progress)

Kim Hinton joined the Department of Theatre and Drama as an undergradute advisor in 2011. She also advises students in the Classics Department at Indiana University.

As an advisor, Kim provides prospective and current undergraduate students with information about majors and minors within Theatre and Drama, as well as departmental course offerings. She is responsible for submitting major and minor declarations and helps students build class schedules and track their academic progress throughout the course of their undergraduate careers. She alerts students to upcoming events and opportunities that may be of interest to them, and directs students to useful on-campus resources (academic, professional, and personal).

Kim's interest in theatre blossomed after studying Russian drama during her Master's degree program. Though she remains interested in both Russian literature and theatre, her dissertation topic explores representations of sideshow freaks in modern British and American musicals and plays. During her Ph. D. coursework, Kim minored in gender studies, and elements of gender/queer/disability studies figure prominently in her research, alongside scholarship on actual, historical freak shows.