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The Comedy of Errors

Indiana Festival Theatre The Comedy of Errors

The Comedy of Errors

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Jonathan Michaelsen

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July 13-30, 2011
Wells-Metz Theatre




The Comedy of Errors is one of the great screwball comedies of all time. A young man and his servant, both from Syracuse, show up in Ephesus, not knowing that the young man has an identical twin brother living in the city. If that weren't enough, this identical twin also has a servant, who happens to be (have you guessed?) the identical twin brother of the newly arrived servant from Syracuse! The resulting confusion, mistaken identities, and madcap anarchy have entertained audiences for over 400 years! Come prepared to laugh. You won't be disappointed!


Thomas Crosby Beaver (Balthazar/Officer)

Andrew Brewer (Second Merchant)

dwBrykalski (Composer/Accordionist)

Molly Casey (Adrianna)

Kerry Ipema (Luciana)

Rob Johansen (Angelo)

Kelly P. Lusk (Dromio of Ephesus)

Brianna McClellan (Courtesan)

Henry A. McDaniel III (Antipholus of Syracuse)

Adam Noble (Antipholus of Ephesus)

Tim Pyles (Dromio of Syracuse)

Abby Rowold (The Abbess)

Roman Savytskyy (Jailer)

Kate Suffern (Merchant 1/Messenger)

Fontaine Syer (Queen)

Henry Woronicz (Egeon)

Production Team

Jonathan Michaelsen (Director)

Fred M. Duer (Scenic Designer)

Jennifer Sheshko (Costume Designer)

Abby Wells (Lighting Designer)

Sean Dumm (Technical Director)

Tori Scanlan (Stage Manager)

Jake Wiener (Asssistant Stage Manager)