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By Ellen McLaughlin
Based on the play by Aristophanes
Directed by Fontaine Syer

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Themester Button Join us for a series of special events in conjunction with Lysistrata and IU's 2011 Themester initiative, "Making War Making Peace."

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December 2, 3, 6-10, 2011
Wells-Metz Theatre

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Athens is at war with Sparta, and the women have had enough. Lysistrata devises a plot to end the war, but for her scheme to work ALL the women MUST agree. Join us in the theatre, join us in the laughs, and maybe even join us on stage! This production of Aristophanes's most-famous play promises to be a loose, bawdy, outrageous circus-romp that is serious in its message to end all war. Mature content.






Amy Leigh Abelson (Phoebe)

Maddie Shea Baldwin (Myrrhine)

Nicole Bruce (Calonice)

Leslie Ann Boyden (Old Woman)

David Chervony (Geezer)

Sadie Dainko (Epione)

Kristl Densley (Lysistrata)

Jacque Donahue (Old Woman)

Ellen Doyle (Antheia)

Katherine Duffy (Crytilla)

Jowi Estava (Ismenia)

Evelyn Gaynor (Chorus Leader)

Rachel Goldman (Old Woman)

Satsu Holmes (Aegle)

Kyle Kaminsky (Spartan Delegate)

Matt J. Keeley (Geezer)

Gabi Knoepfle (Dipsas)

Jessye Grace Mueller (Belgragia)

Grant Alexander Niezgodski (Spartan Envoy)

Shanta Parasuraman (Lampito)

Nathan Robbins (Cinesias)

Hana Slevin (Chorus Leader)

Joe Stollenwerk (Magistrate)

Elijah Willis (Geezer)

Production Team

Fontaine Syer (Director)

Adam Noble (Circus Coach)

Paul Daily (Assistant Director)

Fred M. Duer (Scenic Designer)

Barbara Harvey Abbott (Costume Designer)

Derek Jones (Lighting Designer)

Kevin Carson (Sound Designer)

John Houtler (Technical Director)

Tori Scanlan (Stage Manager)

Olivia Ellery (Assistant Stage Manager)

Tyler Hinojosa (Assistant Stage Manager)

Nancy Lipschultz (Voice, Texts, and Dialects)