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The Pillowman

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By Martin McDonagh
Directed by Mark Kamie
March 23, 24, 27-31, 2012
Wells-Metz Theatre


In a totalitarian police state, there is no escape for writer Katurian Katurian when he is detained and questioned by the police, who have discovered suspicious similarities between his short stories and series of gruesome child murders. Katurian's torturous interrogation is filled with black comedy and frightening discoveries, begging the question: If the first duty of a storyteller is to tell a story, how do you know when it's true? Mature content.



Matt Birdsong (Michal)

Edward Christopher Jackson (Boy)

Hannah Kennedy (Mother)

Aaron Kirkpatrick (Tupolski)

Chris Kleckner (Ariel)

Gabi Knoepfle (Girl))

Jaysen Wright (Katurian)

Production Team

Mark Kamie (Director)

Adam Noble (Fight Choreographer)

Katherine Taylor (Assistant Director)

Dan Tracy(Scenic Designer)

Julia Mancini (Costume Designer)

Derek Jones (Lighting Designer)

Amanda Wray (Sound Designer)

Sean Dumm (Technical Director)

Julie Hurley (Stage Manager)

Nancy Lipschultz (Voice, Texts, Dialects)

Deana Nichols (Dramaturg)