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IU Theatre 2014: At First Sight, a repertory of new plays

Brochure image for At First Sight, a repertory of new plays

At First Sight, a repertory of new plays

Featuring brand new plays by:
Nathan Davis, Kelly Lusk, and Iris Dauterman
Directed by Dale McFadden, Nancy Lipschultz, and Rob Heller

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Play #1: The Art of Bowing
by Nathan Davis
Directed by Rob Heller
March 28, April 1, 3 & 5, 2014 @ 7:30 p.m.

Play #2: Lacy and
Ashley Live in a Trailer Now
by Kelly Lusk
Directed by Dale McFadden
March 29, April 2, 4 @ 7:30 p.m. and
April 5 @ 2:00 p.m.

In rotating repertory in the Wells-Metz Theatre

Play #3: Trigger Warning
by Iris Dauterman

Directed by Nancy Lipschultz
April 2, 3, and 4 @ 8:00 p.m.
April 5 @ 5:00 p.m.
In the Studio Theatre



Trigger Warning by Iris Dauterman
Five women come together with a proposal to stop rape on their college campus. Their idea is to design and construct an anti-rape device, which will act as a gruesome deterrent to sexual violence. In a modern take on an old-fashioned sewing circle, the girls gather to create the device and get to know each other in the process. As they learn more about each other and their histories of sexual violence gradually come to light, they start to take steps into each other's lives- some tentative, some much less so. They ask for help from each other, they demand honesty from each other, and in the end, they learn to lean on each other when they need it most.

The Art of Bowing by Nathan Davis
At the moment the theatre finally dies, three performers emerge from the nothingness and lead us through a tale of human civilization. The Art of Bowing is a fantastical and metatheatrical journey through freedom, subjugation and divinity spanning multiple eras, places and dimensions.

Lacy and Ashley Live In A Trailer Now by Kelly Lusk
Lacy and Ashley finally have a plan to get out of the trailer they’ve been occupying for the past several years. An old friend from high school, Jimmy, returns to their stomping grounds to rekindle their friendship and start his life over again. The presence of Jimmy and his baggage adds stress to the lives of Lacy and Ashley, but provides a doting Kevin with a hopeful future. The four end up devising a new plan that will help everyone get what they want. But do we ever really know what we want?

Please see the ticket information page for further details.


Cast - The Art of Bowing

Catherine Bustos (Farah)

Josh Krause (Enoch)

Ian Martin (Akwasi)

Production Team - The Art of Bowing

Rob Heller (Director)

Nathan Davis (Playwright)

Sarah Wells (Assistant Director)

Aaron Bowersox (Lighting Designer)

Kristen Martino (Scenic Designer)

Eriko Terao (Costume Designer)

Kameron Johnson (Sound Designer)

Merle Palmer (Stage Manager)

James Renton (Assistant Stage Manager)

Brennan Murphy (Dramaturg)

Cast - Lacy & Ashley Live in a Trailer Now

Todd Aulwurm (Kevin)

Joe Cadiff (Jimmy)

Courtney Lucien (Lacy)

Andrea Mellos (Ashley)

Production Team - Lacy & Ashley Live in a Trailer Now

Dale McFadden (Director)

Kelly Lusk (Playwright)

Aaron Bowersox (Lighting Designer)

Kristen Martino (Scenic Designer)

Kelsey Nichols (Costume Designer)

Kameron Johnson (Sound Designer)

Helen Cappannelli (Stage Manager)

Maya Ohcana (Assistant Stage Manager)

Henry A. McDaniel III (Voice, Texts, and Dialects)

Cast - Trigger Warning

Justina Anigbo (Grace)

Juliet Barrett (Marlene)

Elaine Cotter (Alice)

Alex Goodman (Helen)

Emily Harpe (Anita)

Production Team - Trigger Warning

Nancy Lipschultz (Director)

Iris Dauterman (Playwright)

Connor Ebbinghouse (Scenic Designer)

Robbie Stanton (Costume Designer)

Rhiannon Miller (Lighting Designer)

Thomas Oldham (Sound Designer)

Topher Rohrer (Stage Manager)

Verena Lucke (Assistant Stage Manager)

Production Team - All AFS Plays

Sandy Everett (Technical Director)

Meghan Potter (Assistant Technical Director)

Bridgette Dreher (Props Master)

Katie Gruenhagen (Master Electrian)

Nancy Lipschultz (Voice, Texts, Dialects)

Adam McLean (Movement and Fight Choreographer)