Ebola in Liberia: An Educational Forum

Next Monday, kick off our Global Health Week by attending a panel on Ebola! Seeing as Ebola is a hot-topic in health care right now, take advantage of this great opportunity put on by one of our Timmy partners, the School of Public Health.

October Updates!

This Week in Timmy:
Donations Meeting Wednesday Oct. 8th at 8:30pm
GLOBAL HEALTH WEEK Oct 13th-17th!!
-Painting the Bridge - Saturday 3pm at Jordan Avenue and Law Lane
-Community Flyer & Chalking - Monday Oct. 13th
-Tabling for Timmy 10am-2pm Tuesday Oct. 14th
-Dine & Donate 4-8pm at Hu Hot Mongolian Grill Wednesday Oct. 15th
-GLOBAL HEALTH SYMPOSIUM Oct. 16th at 7pm in IMU Frangipani Room!
-Fundraising Meeting 7:30pm Wed. Oct. 15th in BH 015

2015 Trip Application

We are excited to present the 2015 Trip Application for the IU TGH Medical Brigade to Guatemala. Below is a link to the trip website containing a button on the home page linking to the application and any other information you might need throughout this process.

Trip Website: http://iutghmedicalbrigade.weebly.com

Why Timmy is a Champion of Health

Want a little inspiration to brighten your day? Watch and share the mission moment from our last mass meeting on Why Timmy is a Champion of Health! #TimmyTuesday


Our next mass meeting will be October 6th at 8pm in Chemistry 033

Upcoming in Timmy:
Wednesday 1st: Fundraising Meeting 7:30-8:30pm in BH 015 & Marketing Meeting 8:30-9:30pm in BH 015
Thursday 2nd: Hartzel's Social with the Trip Leaders (everyone is invited!!)
Oct. 6th: Mass Meeting 8pm in CH 033
Oct. 16th: Global Health Symposium at 7pm in IMU Frangipani Room

Mass Meeting Announcement!

We will be having our next Timmy Global Health Mass Meeting this Monday, September 22nd, at 8pm in Chemistry 033! Also, we will be selling Timmy t-shirts both long sleeves and short sleeve for $5-10, so bring a little cash to get your Timmy gear!

Also, we know next week is a big test week, so we will keep our meeting short and to the point. We look forward to seeing you all there! And as always, contact us with any additional questions.

New Year, Fresh Start!

First Committee Meeting Dates:
Community Meetings: Monday Sept. 15th and Tuesday Sept. 16th at 8:00pm in Ballantine 244
Fundraising Meeting: Wednesday Sept. 17th at 7:30pm in Ballantine 015
Marketing Meeting: Wednesday Sept. 17th at 8:30pm in Ballantine 015
Donations Meeting: Wednesday Sept. 24th at 8pm Chemistry 033

GLOW RUN & New Timmy 2014-2015 Exec Board!

2013-2014 IU Timmy Calendar!

Hey Timmies!
The following is the link to our Timmy Calendar. Here, we will post continuously throughout the year information about events going on here at IU Timmy, so that you can be easily informed and stay involved!

2013-2014 Timmy Calendar: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgyTW_DqteNWdGdBZ040QjJUcUt...

Thank you so much!

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