Student Partnerships

In addition to our international outreach, Timmy Global Health is always looking to collaborate with local Indiana University student led organizations. Through cooperation and mutual assistance, we believe that these partnerships lead to stonger organziations all around and a more complete experience for the Indiana University student body.

Raas Royalty

Timmy Global Health at Indiana University is proud to announce our partnership with Raas Royalty! We look forward to teaming up in fundraising, advocacy and domestic volunteerism. Stay tuned for more updates about the partnership as well as more information about Raas Royalty!

Click here to learn more about this partnership!

The Virtu Project

The Virtu Project's mission is two-fold. First, Virtu seeks to educate its student members about how to invest money effectively and ethically. Second, Virtu prides itself on imparting an appreciation for giving onto its members. Virtu does this through the partnership with Timmy: members see the work that Timmy does and find their passion for altruism through Virtu's unique model. Putting these two pieces together, Virtu strives to send its members into the world with skills they could not have acquired in the classroom and with the values of a dedicated philanthropist.