Abstract - The Information Society 27(4)

New Media, Micro-mobilization, and Political Agenda Setting:  Crossover Effects in Political Mobilization and Media Usage

Victor Bekkers, Henri Beunders, Arthur Edwards, and Rebecca Moody

In November 2007, Dutch secondary school students revolted against a requirement known as the ‘1040-hour norm’. New web technologies, like instant messaging, YouTube, and social networking sites, played an important role in the mobilization effort. We argue that these technologies facilitate a shift towards micro-mobilization by individuals and small groups. In our ‘1040-hour norm’ case study, we analyze how the course of the political agenda setting process is being transformed through the interplay between processes of meso and micro-mobilization, and through new micro-to-mass media crossover effects. When supported by micro media, the effects of micro-mobilization can create strategic surprises for traditional intermediary organizations and policymakers.

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