Abstract - The Information Society 29(1)

Determinants of China’s Technology Availability and Utilization 2006-2009: A Spatial Analysis


James Pick

There are significant regional disparities in the level of technology availability and utilization in China.  This study analyzes determinants of technology availability and utilization in China’s 31 administrative units using data on technology adoption and socio-economic factors.  It examines the extent of spatial autocorrelation on technology levels and regression residuals, and provides exploratory spatial cluster analysis of technology attributes interpreted by four regional policy approaches. An exploratory conceptual model is established, based on diffusion of innovations theory and prior digital divide research.  Regression findings indicate the most significant determinant of technology availability and utilization is export commodities value.  It is followed by published books, tertiary employment, non-state-owned employment, and innovation funds of enterprises. The conceptual model is discussed in light of these findings and suggestions are offered for China’s technology policy. 


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