Abstract - The Information Society 31(1)


Value and the unseen producers: Wages for Housework in the women’s movement in 1970s Italy and the prosumers of digital capitalism

Ronald E. Day

This article examines the problem of value in unpaid labor from the perspective of the domestic labor struggles in the Wages for Housework campaign of the early 1970s in Italy. Some of the history of this movement is recounted in regard to the question of value in capital and, importantly, beyond capital.  The issues of value that are raised in this paper by posing questions of value in domestic labor against those in digital labor are not only the analogical and even the metonymical relations of domestic sphere production to digital labor and the critical discourse on it, but the historical and the foundational quality of the former to the latter, as well. For in these models the larger social and cultural traditions within which labor is literally begotten remain, and so does capital’s use of them remain.


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