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2017: Volume 33, No. 3


Internet Freedom and Copyright Maximalism: Contradictory Hypocrisy or Complementary Policies?
Blayne Haggart and Michael Jablonski [Abstract]

Digital and Analog Logics: An Analysis of the Discourse on Property Rights and Information Goods
Karim Jetha, Nicholas Berente, and John Leslie King [Abstract]

The Technology Mismatch Paradox of Mobile Email Access: When Changed Norms of Responsiveness Meet Technology Under-Supply
Isabell Loeschner [Abstract]

Between Class and Status? Examining the Digital Divide in Finland, UK, and Greece
Taru Lindblom and Pekka Räsänen [Abstract]

Am I my IP address’s keeper? Revisiting the boundaries of information privacy
Jockum Hildén [Abstract]


How Video Games Impact Players: The Pitfalls and Benefits of a Gaming Society, by Ryan Rogers. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2016. Xvii + 153 pp. $80.00 hardcover. ISBN 9781498513081 (hardcover).
Christopher D. Lehman and Nicholas J. Rowland



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