Abstract - The Information Society 10(3)

Opportunities for the use of information resources and advanced technologies in Congress: A study for the Joint Committee on the Organization of Congress (a consultant report)

Robert Lee Chartrand and Robert C Ketcham

The Joint Committee on the Organization of Congress asked the Carnegie Commission on Science, Technology, and Government to examine present and potential uses of advanced information technologies by Congress for its own internal purposes. The report make s specific recommendations for improving selected congressional information-related operations. The changes are classified as immediate action items, near-term objectives, and long-term goals. Immediate action items include remote floor action monitors, verbatim transcript utilization, and alternative meeting formats. Near-term objectives include the proposal of a Joint Committee on Information Technology and Resources, electronic upgrading of floor proceedings, and establishing a Legislative Branch Information Technology Network. Long-term goals include reducing the number of computer centers and building on the capacity of the installed PCs and developing a refined information handling infrastructure for the entire Congress.

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