Abstract - The Information Society 10(4)

Reply to Walsham's critique

Abbe Mowshowitz

In response to an earlier critique by Geoff Walsham, entitled "Virtual organization: An alternative view," the author asserts that his vision of virtual organization does not diminish the capacities of managers or reduce the dimensionality of m anagement processes. In fact, it is noted that virtual organization enlarges and strengthens management processes by insisting on greater explicitness in decision making and by furnishing managers with a powerful new tool called switching. By fostering explicitness in the formulation of decision criteria and rejecting factors extrinsic to the realization of specific goals, virtual organization helps to expunge subjective values in economic and organizational life. In addition, it is noted that virtual organization is not dehumanizing because it holds out the promise, through an evolutionary process of social change spearheaded by organizational innovation, of extending human rights to all human beings.

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