Abstract - The Information Society 11(4)

Sorting the esoterica from the exoterica: There's plenty of room in cyberspace - A response to Fuller

Stevan Harnad

The revised version of an unpublished reply to the original published version of Steve Fuller's commentary (1995) on the essay "The PostGutenberg Galaxy: How to Get There from Here" (1995). Most of the differences can be traced back to Fuller' s failure to observe the trade/nontrade distinction stressed in the introduction of the essay. The distinction was explicitly formulated between the esoteric vs. trade literature. Nothing in the essay applied to the trade literature; only the nontrade literature, specifically nontrade periodicals, were addressed. Fuller's commentary has fully confirmed that none of what was in the essay would make any sense if one failed to observe the trade/esoteric distinction and instead treated these 2 forms of lit erature as if they were one and the same. Other problems with Fuller's commentary are explained.

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