Abstract - The Information Society 12(3)

Cyberspace Inc. and the Robber Baron age: An Analysis of PFF's "Magna Carta"

Richard K. Moore

The manifesto "Cyberspace and the American Dream: A Magna Carta for the Knowledge Age," (1995) published by the Progress and Freedom Foundation (PFF), is a document of considerable significance. Its very title reveals much about its intent. Its promoters - both alleged and concealed - are indicative of its propagandistic mission. Its contents have accurately prophesied the legislative agenda and rhetoric that have unfolded subsequent to the manifesto's publication. Give the powerful telecommunications interests behind PFF - and the close ties of that organization to Speaker Newt Gingrich - a detailed analysis of the manifesto is made to provide insight into what may (unfortunately) be the most likely scenario for the future of cyberspace.

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