Abstract - The Information Society 13(3)

Information-based global economy and socioeconomic development: The case of Bangalore.

Shirin Madon

Information technology is at the core of the current process of economic globalization. New areas of the world and new regions within countries are experiencing growth by entering the information age as manufacturers and users of information technology. However, often growth and decline take place simultaneously within the same region due to the tension that results from participation in global operations and the local socioeconomic context of the region. India presents a major case study of this tension, which we describe through a study of the region of Bangalore. The description reveals that the region faces pervasive forms of asymmetry between those who can participate in the global information economy and those who cannot. We argue that these internal disparities will ultimately affect capitalist development and discuss some issues of relevance to planners and policymakers concerned with the twin processes of globalization and local regional development.

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