Abstract - The Information Society 14(3)

The Year 2000 Problem and Ethical Responsibility: A Call to Action

James J. Cappel and Leon A. Kappelman

Many organizations have made substantial progress on solving the year 2000 computer problem while many others lag perilously behind. With the year 2000 deadline looming ever closer, this article examines several key issues including: the nature of the year 2000 problem itself, its potential to do harm, the progress that organizations have made to date on this issue, and factors that have worked to inhibit or facilitate organizational responses to this problem. An ethical analysis of the year 2000 problem is presented that reveals that both top management and IS professionals have an ethical responsibility to act on this issue. Organizations are urged to make the completion of their year 2000 problem efforts a top priority, because it is their responsibility and it serves as an investment for the future.

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