Abstract - The Information Society 18(2)

Local adaptations to global trends: A study of an IT-based organizational change programme in a Nigerian bank

Abiodun Bada

The working assumption of this research is that the utilization of information technology (IT) and IT-based practices in any part of the world currently is taking place within the globalization trends. In recent times, studies in information systems (IS) are beginning to examine whether the globalization process portends homogeneity for developing countries' organizations or whether these organizations can utilize IT and IT-based management techniques according to the socio-cultural requirements of their contexts. These studies show the importance of the local context and, more specifically, the importance of adapting global IT-based practices when implementing them in developing countries. However, the precise nature of these adaptations and the factors that shape them are still poorly understood – leaving it a fruitful area for research. In line with this view, this paper explores how a Nigerian bank implemented and adapted a global IT-based technique, the factors that influence such adaptations and what results are achieved.

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