Abstract - The Information Society 2 (2)

Information Technology and the Developing World: Opportunities and Obstacles

Jane Bortnick

Information technology can give significant aid to less developed countries (LDC) in their development efforts. Telecommunications satellites can provide communications capabilities to areas that lack or are unable to establish ground communications facilities, and microcomputers and packaged software offer substantial computational capacity at relatively low cost. These technologies can allow LDCs to assess development needs, resource requirements, and alternative development strategies. While LDCs recognize the importance of information technology, several barriers to its implementation exist, including: 1. lack of available capital, 2. lack of trained personnel and technical supportfacilities, 3. an unwillingness to rely on foreign technology, and 4. lack of cooperation from developed nations. Overcoming these barriers will require that developed nations give financial and technical assistance to LDCs in applying information technology and in developing communications capabilities.

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