Abstract - The Information Society 3 (1)

Socialist Technological Integration: The Case of the East European Computer Industries

S E Goodman

The cooperative computer program established by the Council for MutualEconomic Assistance (CEMA) is notable in the history of international technological development because of the scope of the undertaking, its modest success in the face of serious difficulties, and a framework that some might see as an alternative to Western multinational corporations. This paper is a description and analysis of: 1. the history and recent achievements of the CEMA member countries in the field of computer technology, 2. the international division of labor in the development, production, and support of computing within CEMA, 3. computer trade and technology transfers among the CEMA members and between CEMA and some of the rest of the world, and 4. the extent to which integration has taken place in terms of the proclaimed goals of ''socialist economic cooperation'' and selected characteristics of Western-style technological integration.

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