Abstract - The Information Society 3 (4)

The Many Potentials of Information Technology for Emergency Management

Robert Lee Chartrand

There is increasing awareness that the US is inadequately prepared to cope with the spate of modern natural and technological crises. A critical facet of strengthening emergency management (EM) capability is the development of advanced information systems for collecting, storing, processing, retrieving, and sharing essential data and ''value-added'' information that emergency managers can use. This also creates problems, but the potentials must be examined. Congress is showing greater interest, studying various issues, but EM decision makers also need to understand the benefits and limitations of using information technology. However, the human factor remains paramount. There are already numerous examples of information technology in use in EM, and perceptive action by responsible decision makers in using such key resources and approaches can make it possible for the US to survive threatening emergency situations and flourish.

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