Abstract - The Information Society 3 (4)

Information Processing Technology for Emergency Management

Robert E Kahn

Several information processing technologies are capable of augmenting human performance in handling a range of emergency situations. Technological areas that are particularly important to emergency management are: 1. communications, 2. computers, 3. machine intelligence, and 4. security. Both conventional and emerging technology are important in the area of communication networks. Some of the systems that have proved useful in enhancing information collection, transmission, and selective processing are: 1. packet radio networks, 2. satellite network technology, 3. expert planning systems, 4. internetting, and 5. machine intelligence. Packet radio and multiple satellite technology, both based on packet switching, can make a considerable difference, and computer-based internetwork systems will initially be most useful for communicating messages electronically. To be effective, information technology must be integrated into daily patterns to make its use comfortable and familiar.

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