Abstract - The Information Society 4 (3)

A Conceptual Framework for the Examination of Transborder Data Flows

Jean-Luc Renaud

Along with increased recognition of information as a basic resource have come fears in the Third World and Europe that a one-way flow of information and data will cause alienation, a loss of cultural identity, and a paralyzing technological dominance from abroad. International debate has focused on a small aspect, international news, and has dealt with informatics separately. However, the current state of the international order demands that informatics and its associated technology be included in the debate over transborder data flow (TDF). Examination of the nature and scope of TDF illustrates that information is critical in the establishment of a New International Economic Order. The role of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) shouldbe reassessed and its jurisdiction expanded to TDF so that it can aid those needing information technology as a tool for development. In addition, the Intergovernmental Bureau for Informatics can better promote the Third World's policy on TDFs if it strengthens its cooperation with the ITU.

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