Abstract - The Information Society 5(4)

The Northrhine-Westphalia Project: "Man and Technology"

Marianne Schatz-Bergfeld

The "Man and Technology" program is a part of the wider "Enterprise for Future Technologies" program designed to assist the German State of Northrhine-Westphalia in overcoming its current economic and social problems. The program is concerned with the shaping of technology in a socially compatible way, the so-called "SoTech" Program. It can be seen as a supporting cornerstone of the technology enterprise through which the promotional program of the entire project is meant to take on an autonomous and socially committed profile. This program refers to the technological area ofmicroelectronics and information and communication technologies, inclusive of the "New Media." In the period 1985-1988, about DM67 million are to be made available for financing practice and usage-oriented research and development projects for the socially compatible shaping of technology. The SoTech Program Field "Home and Everyday Life" covers 3 areas: 1. housing, 2. education and enculturation, socialization, and 3. leisure and culture.

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