Abstract - The Informtion Society 6(1-2)

Public Information Systems

Levent V. Orman

Public information systems are information systems designed for use by the general public, rather than specialists in a particular field or organization. Public information systems can be classified in the same way as commercial information systems. Three generations of commercial information systems have been identified: 1. information packaging systems, which provide minimal sharing, 2. information retrieval systems, which provide for sharing of data but not of processes, and 3. information processing systems, which provide maximal sharing of data and processes. Public information packaging systems include automated bank tellers, library checkout systems, and airline reservationsystems. The major impact of information retrieval systems will likely be in public education. Automated information processing systems for public use are in their early stages. The infrastructure of terminals, public access ports, and telecommunication systems have to be provided via public investment if these technologies are to become commercially feasible.

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