Abstract - The Informtion Society 6(3)

Teleports as Precursors of the 21st Century's The Information Society

Fjodor Ruzic

Countries worldwide have many new options for using telecommunications networks to reach host and remote information resources, that is, teleports. Telecommunications infrastructures are integral to the higher level communications services of Inter-Information Subjects Networks and National Information Systems, which are the highways to the teleports. Telecommunications development will allow citizens to improve their information-based productivity in industry, commerce, and social and cultural affairs. The role of the teleports will be as nexuses of concentrated information resources, place where value-added information can be easily reached. With a communications device and an integrated system, an individual in the 21st century can become the center of a vast information universe. The 2 basic trends in the information-based society of the future are: 1. Information systems are becoming more interactive and decentralized. 2. Information and telecommunications systems are increasingly part of an integrated infrastructure.

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