Abstract - The Information Society 6(4)

A Perspective on Natural and Artificial Intelligence

Somasundaram, M. S. and Jaidev

The concept of intelligence refers to the capacity of an individual to convert raw data into usable data or knowledge and apply this knowledge to situations. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the formalization of human endeavor to instill in machines some of this intellectual faculty. While it is easy to classify AI systems into categories based on the "ends" that they strive for, it is difficult to specifically characterize all of them. To do so would require an examination of interactions of the system architecture, the environment, and its behavior. The architecture of an AI system is largely dependent on the environment it has to face; the environment, in turn, is affected by the behavior of the system. From the standpoint of AI research, the understanding of the principles of the human mind is essential and fundamental to progress.

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