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Welcome to TobWell

TobWell Mission:

To provide advanced research training to graduate students who are interested in conducting research in the areas of alcohol/tobacco use, obesity, health promotion and communication, and other areas of wellness, and to cultivate research partnerships between faculty and graduate students.

TobWell Values:

  1. An ecological approach where connections between people and their environments are examined systematically and multilevel factors are hierarchically accounted for;
  2. Reducing health disparities by placing more emphasis on understudied, underserved, and socieconomically disadvantaged population group;
  3. Innovative rethinking, restructuring, and reinvigorating existing paradigms and programs;
  4. Cultural competency where context is considered in interpretations and applications of research findings yet the value of parsimonious interpretation is not overlooked;
  5. Theory- and/or evidence-based interventions; and
  6. Diligent attention to minimize measurement errors and sampling errors.  

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