Education G581 Section 5457


 Semester 2, 1999-2000

Fri, Sat., Sun., March 30 - April 1, 2001

EDUC  0034


Course Objectives
Post Weekend Assignments

I. The course has the following objectives:

· Provide an overview and a context for understanding and using Hypnosis.

· Promote skill development in the following Hypnosis skills for use personally and in a therapeutic setting.



Metaphor in Trance

II. Pre-Weekend Session Assignments

Make a list of your professional interests that may be influenced by Hypnosis skills. (i.e., clinical depression, career choice processes, learning, assessment, phobia treatment, etc.)

On Friday evening we will move the class to a computer lab on the second floor and collectively conduct a series of searches and discussion based on the terms you have selectedBring a 3.5 inch, ZIP diskette, or be prepared to access you UITS computer locker to record the results of your search.  · 

III. Weekend Schedule


A. Friday Evening 

1Definition, History and Theories of Hypnosis

2. Conduct and discussion of literature search 

3. Trance Experience

·     Live Demonstration
·     Discussion
·     Summary and Feedback

B. Saturday 

1. Myths and Misperceptions of Hypnosis; Hypnosis and Memory 

    a. Identify the major myths and misconceptions regarding hypnosis.

    b. Discuss the research on hypnosis and memory,

    c. Discuss the clinical controversy regarding hypnosis and the
     possible creation of pseudo-memory.

2. Assessment, Presenting Hypnosis to the Patient and Informed Consent

    a. Be capable of discussing hypnosis in a non-technical manner with
     a client or patient.
    b. Review important elements in obtaining informed consent 
        regarding the use of hypnosis clinically.

3. Hypnotic Phenomena and Their Therapeutic Applications  

    a. Define and be aware of research on phenomena associated with hypnosis.
    b. Provide illustrative suggestions for eliciting   hypnotic phenomena.
    c. Illustrate applications of hypnotic phenomena in clinical cases 
        and treatment planning. 

4. Methods of Inducing Hypnotic Trance  

Be able to discuss the controversy about whether hypnotic responsivity is modifiable, or whether such efforts merely produce compliance but not genuine changes in responsiveness.
Describe or demonstrate methods for inducing hypnotic trance  
·     Live Demonstration
·     Discussion
·     Practice
·     Video Demo
·     Summary and Feedback

5. Treatment Planning Strategy and Technique Selection  In Hypnotherapy

    a. Illustrate clinical conditions where one may begin with a 
        suggestive hypnotic approach versus an insight-oriented 
        or exploratory hypnotic approach.
    b. Indicate cases where hypnotic techniques may be indicated 
        or relatively contraindicated.
    c. Demonstrate understanding of the different types of strategies 
        or therapeutic goals to which hypnotic techniques may be applied. 

6. Introduction to Hypnotic Susceptibility Scales

7. Ethical Principles, Professional Conduct, and Certification 

    a. Describe ethical-legal issues and standards for professional 
        conduct in using hypnosis clinically.
    b. Introduce certification requirements in clinical hypnosis, 
        and the desirability of and requirements for advanced certification 
        through taking diplomate board examinations.

C. Sunday Morning 

1. Hypnotherapy with Reframing
·     Live Demonstration
·     Discussion
·     Practice
·     Video Demo
·     Summary and Feedback

2. Hypnotherapy with Age Regression
·     Live Demonstration
·     Discussion
·     Practice
·     Video Demo
·     Summary and Feedback

3. Hypnotherapy with Metaphor
·     Live Demonstration
·     Discussion
·     Practice
·     Video Demo
·     Summary and Feedback

4. Summary Activities and Feedback 

IV. Post-Weekend Session Assignments 

·To provide a synthesis of the weekend activities and the literature review you have conducted, after the weekend, write a short paper (less than 500 words), describing how you might integrate the skills you have acquired into your professional practice. 

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The public cluster in the School of Education is in Room 2011.

Grading Procedure: 



Literature Search


Weekend Participation


Weekend Paper




All assignments must be completed within 10 days of the week-end.

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