Ongoing Programs
Rotating Exhibit Network
TAI is creating panels that are exhibited in various libraries and museums in Indiana.

TAI Center for Folk Traditions
TAI's Center, located in Nashville, Brown County, Indiana, offers exhibits, film screenings, public programs, musical performances, and hands-on demonstrations.

TAI at the Indiana State Fair
TAI and the State Fair join hands to feature Indiana's traditional arts at the Fair.

Indiana Instrument Builders
View TAI's web exhibit dedicated to exploring the traditions, communities, and aesthetics of instrument builders in Indiana.

TAI-Sponsored Events
TAI sponsors and participates in various events throughout the year.

Master Artist Apprenticeship Program
Apprenticing with a master is a time-honored way of passing on traditional arts from one generation to the next.

Overview of TAI Education/Training Activities
From university classrooms and community fieldschools to local workshops and K-12 classroom demonstrations, TAI seeks to educate about traditional arts.
Past Projects includes a summary of TAI's two-year statewide survey.
Newsletters download TAI's newsletters
TAI Radio Shows - listen to recent radio shows developed by TAI

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