I-69 Heritage Corridor - Hamilton County
Kip and Trent Gordon
  Kip and Trent Gordon with their Treeing Walker Coonhounds
-- Photo by Brent Bjorkman
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Kip and Trent Gordon -- Treeing Walker Coonhound breeding

Brothers Kip and Trent Gordon run White River Kennel, where they breed Treeing Walker coonhounds in the tradition of their grandfather Lester Nance. "Hes basically the man that gave the Treeing Walker breed a name," Kip says. "Im really proud of my grandpa, because it basically went from nothing to the most popular big game hound in the world."

Raising hunting dogs has become a Gordon family tradition. Kip has been coon hunting since he was in the first or second grade. According to Kip, a good coonhound will have certain trademarks. A dog with a "cold nose" can track older scents. Good communication is essential; the hound uses different barks to tell his owner where he "locates" and "trees" a raccoon. "And you want them to be there no matter what," Kip adds. "No matter how long it takes you, or how many mean dogs are there trying to make you leave."

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