Tamburitza Music
  Milan Opacich - tamburitza musician, instrument maker and community scholar,
 smiles broadly.
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Due to his extraordinary contribution to the perpetuation of the tradition of tamburitza music, instrument maker, musician and community scholar Milan Opacich of Gary, Indiana is a wonderful resource for Traditional Arts Indiana. Through an analysis of previously gathered fieldwork materials, the work of Erin Roth*, folklore students Allison Strang and Allyson Jackson have developed the following presentation of Milan Opacich's life and work within the tamburitza community. The work of folklorist Dell Hymes** heavily influenced the structure of this slideshow, providing the categories, or "five key notions," of genre, situation, performance, tradition, and creativity. It is our hope that through this presentation, the depiction of individual creativity may deeply enrich the overall humanistic compassion and expand public awareness.

Here is a 1-minute video clip of Milan's thoughts on instrument making.

Excerpt is from video by Lynn Hadley, "Hog Heaven."

Glossary of Tamburitza Terms

* Unless otherwise stated, textual information from National Heritage Fellowship Nomination and video clips from Hog Heaven, Mr. Tamburitza Man, and panel video.
** Dell Hymes, "Folkloreís Nature and Sunís Myth," in Journal of American Folklore vol. 88, no. 350.